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FaiL by guitartist03

Mature Content

DocWolph: Playing Cute by XennyDiemes
Private video 4 her #1 fan by Theloanwanderer216
EasterDay by guitartist03
Ambient's Realm
Breanna Crow Redesign by ambientx7
Breanna Crow by ambientx7
Breanna Crow Suit Up by ambientx7

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Open Shower Envy by ambientx7
Angs Gallery

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Turning japanese by AngsTheWicked

Mature Content

The three witches by AngsTheWicked

Mature Content

Geeky Mel by AngsTheWicked

Mature Content

Maddy TF by AngsTheWicked
Growth Period - Characters Extras. by Atariboy2600
Lorelei, She's Out Of My Control. by Atariboy2600
Mice At Play. by Atariboy2600
The Collie Sisters Power Show! by Atariboy2600

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Mature Content


Mature Content


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BlackSandrock Works
Laura's The 'Shining Landolt' by BlackSandrock10
Destiny of the Landolts! by BlackSandrock10
Synnderella Sets Her Destiny! (Full Version) by BlackSandrock10
Synnderella and the Crystal Ball (Full Version) by BlackSandrock10
Bridge Bunnies by Dairugger
The Bridge Bunnies by Dairugger
Princess Toadstool Eats Gamma Mushroom by Dairugger
Priss/Cover Girl posedown by Dairugger
DocWolph Arts
Commission 00032 by DocWolph
Commission 00085 by DocWolph

Mature Content

Commission 223a by DocWolph

Mature Content

Commission 184-3 by DocWolph
trick or treat! by Siegfried129
Let Me Help You by DragonKion
The Cheetah by DragonKion
You're Next by DragonKion
EC's Excessives
Congratulations...! by EmotionCreator

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Glorious Show Chronicler by EmotionCreator

Mature Content

Enigma Show Malefor by EmotionCreator

Mature Content

Electric Show Volteer by EmotionCreator
Anna Family bussines by Siegfried129
FuriousFox Den
Too sexy for my top -fin- by Demi-Beast

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Doodles 25apr2017 by Gettar82
Hopey's Domain
Goods by HopeyWolf
The House of Black
CO : On Call - Swolesista by BlackKusanagi
Zombie pirates. by cheazypredy

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musclelicious wendy by inflamusgrow
Iron Sledge Competition
Fashionably Late by FandomFoodie
Jaeh Gigz
Reptilish Reptilian Reptile by Jaehthebird
Keiros Klan

Mature Content

Dragon World Problems by k-a-y-dee6678
Lin and Co
Lin and her Fan - Commission by DarkVanessaLusT
Lion Den

Mature Content

MURICA by DedoArts

Mature Content

Calves Stream by Lionheartcartoon
Maidens Series
Anterion: AgWR 5 by XennyDiemes
Maku Zoku Style
Baghera attempting to fix a leak on her motorblade by MaKuZoKu

Mature Content

Hyper Muscle Cynder by OutlawMonkey
Goolashe Ref Sheet by PanScolipede
Queen Masters and Oblivion True Forms by PS286
Green Tracer by Radavast
Red Silver's Gallery

Mature Content

Swole Polly Purebred by RedSilverArtist
Ryuakira's Den
turkey dinner by muddness
LisaIrons-A17 by ShadowRx
Abby Strom: The Grande Dame of Muscle by SLMUSCLE
Studio Library

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Mature Content

Morra In Paradise by Squeegeedude
TwinStudios Originals
Rabid: The Iron Secretary by XennyDiemes
Untitled-173 by TherionX
Thoughts From Major
Nyan Cat Real Life Collage by MajorCooke

Mature Content

Bad Data 001.003 by MiltonTeruel
WolfieCanem Arts
Stanley Pines by Serisegala
Wolf's Muscle Girls
Johana by WolfsMuscleGirls
What if? Bimbo Delia C. by allegend
What ya Look'n at? by Squeegeedude
Meera _As a Secretary Synx by wsache007
training time by Siegfried129
Cutie Pie Said Knock You Out! by Wobbleblot-Alt
Wiskered Art
Comm 31. Meteoric charge. by Whiskered-Gent
The Vvorzian Gallery
Pec Admiration by Thorvrog
DM's Lab
ElsieGuen's stories

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Origins by Deltroon
Verlaine Feral Form by deltroon


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Mature content
#1. Beginnings :icondeltroon:deltroon 0 0
Nowan Mystiere _ MSPaint 20150627 :iconindigomystiere:IndigoMystiere 34 12 SummerLovlies:Rouge :icondrawharder:DrawHarder 256 31 Fashionably Late :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 8 2 Awaiting software Installation :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 12 0
Top 5 Rom Moments From Star Trek
5) “Proto-Rom” from Next Generation episode “The Perfect Mate.”  Willing to risk blowing up his own ship to sucker his way onto the enterprise and claim a treasure?  Gutsy.  Upping the dorky exuberance to provide a distraction during the time of claim?  Handy.  Excitedly citing Peace as good for trade?  Wise.  Accidentally knocking out someone you’re trying to barter with?  Hijinks endue!  He’s so very much like the well-meaning goofball we know and love and it’s weird to see him in a chaotic antagonist role.  But what would you expect from a Next Generation Ferengi?  
4) This one goes low because Rom’s not even in the episode.  Immediately after Julian has a formal breakup with his then-girlfriend, she mentions she was thinking of someone else for the latter part of their relationship.  When Quark and Julian press her, she freely admits that Rom was the one.  When she
:iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 0 0
Crazy Steve of the Army of Steves.
Bakura and Marik walk onto stage behind a portable black sheet.  Bakura appears first.  
Bakura: Ah, it’s nice to finally get some me time. Time to clear my head, relish my successes, abuse my host’s body—
Marik: Funny how you’re seldom eager to abuse MY body lately.  (appears from behind the sheet.)
Bakura: Ah! Marik, how long have YOU been there?
Marik: Not long enough apparently.  I came… to bring you the most powerful Steve of all time.  CRAZY STEVE!
Bakura: Hold on, I thought that Linkara guy told us if we ever saw him to bury him alive and burn the shovel.  
Marik: Foolish Fool!  Linkara didn’t know what he was WASTING!  With this Steve’s money, fighting prowess and resources (Bakura interrupts: money IS a resource) we don’t even need to waste minions on children’s card games anymore!  
Bakura: Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of our franchise?  And why are you excl
:iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 2 0
This fool has failed me for the LAST TIME :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 8 2 Highly Visible Woman :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 9 1 Fan-Art Friday! Launa Viander (Inked) :icondotintheparadox:DotintheParadox 20 1 Photoshop Test 2: Venom :icongraphic-muscle:graphic-muscle 221 39 venom doodle :icongraphic-muscle:graphic-muscle 156 27 quick venom :icongraphic-muscle:graphic-muscle 251 43 venom double biceps :icongraphic-muscle:graphic-muscle 228 29 Flexin :iconthe-sleuth:the-Sleuth 25 1
Mature content
RED on the Beach! :iconuzomistudio:UZOMISTUDIO 206 27

Becki: Official TS @ DA Mascot


Stay or Go?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2011, 10:00 PM
I was thinking of the costs and bad timing of the group and I've want to consider the possibility of ending this two-year endeavor but the thing is, do you want me to keep this group running, leave it out of super-group status or close the doors come January?

Maidens 2011: Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 15, 2011, 6:26 PM
Galactica (Gettar82)
Performance - 9 10          19
Presentation - 9 10          19
Endurance Factor - 8 10  18

Total: 56 Winner! Congratulations

Rae (DocWolph)
Performance - 7 8            15
Presentation - 8 8           16
Endurance Factor - 6 7    13

Total 44

Nikita (Pyrohawk)
Performance - 5 8             13
Presentation - 7 9             16
Endurance Factor - 5 10   15

Total 39

Jynnelle (BlackSandrock10)
Performance - 4 7          11
Presentation - 7 7         14
Endurance Factor - 2 6  8

Total 33

Maidens 2011: To MuffinManMike

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 9:46 PM
If your results for Maidens 2011 don't come in. You will be closed out and the results I do get will be final. More news to come soon.


Maidens 2011: First Results In

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 10:16 AM
Well I got the first results from :iconbigmaxinf: which is shown in the front page

Still waiting for :iconmuffinmanmike: and :iconk-a-y-dee6678: to turn in theirs.

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