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Maidens 2011: It's over, Calling All Judges!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2011, 10:53 PM
Well the competition is now over, entries are now in, All judges review the items and come back within a week for the results. See you all on the 23rd, Later today I'll come in with details on Iron Sledge.

Maidens 2011/Iron Sledge: 9/7: Calling For Judges

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2011, 4:29 PM
See Latest Below

Well first off for Iron Sledge competitors the competition has been moved for the fall, that way I hope more entrants can come in and participate and knowledge of the event can come with it. Now on with the announcement:

Welcome to Maidens 2011: Maiden In Training


Women of power pushing hard from the simple aerobic weights to lifting whole worlds, from standard or novice exercises to training in 1000X gravity. This year's theme showcases all contestants in their native environments or respective training spaces working hard and pumping iron like never before.


Might of Maidens is welcome to all female contestants of all species and builds.


There are three categories for this years competition: Standard and Super

Standard: Aerobic or Intensive: Any weight training range between 50-800 pounds. Any contestant  to train using equipment and training methodologies that are used like you would find in any REAL LIFE gym or power lifting competition. '

Super: Above Intensive: 750lbs and Up: Any build contestant to train and use equipment that is above normal, real-life weights and training. Example: doing laps around an entire continent, doing bicep curls with two tanks or larger, punching large boulders into powder, etc. This means for any contestant who is even far above super to train with anything. Example: Leg reps with entire planets, sparing with gods or other hyper-powered entities, one of those "can take on anything" types.

Update I've removed the ultra category and made it into only two categories alone.  What your contestant does will fall only into either in these two levels.

Contestant Rules

-Females Only
-Twins Rule: Twins and siblings can participate but results will behave if they are of one contestant
-All Literary and Graphic entries must show the contestant in training not standing around or concentrating (meditation, astral training, telekinesis are not allowed).

Judges Information

For the judges, there will be three means of how each contestant will be judged upon:
-Endurance Factor

All of which will be measured from 0.0 to 10.0

Also you need to watch out to make sure that each contestant is actually using the training methods provided in their chosen category and not use the wrong methods.

Entry Formats

Literary: Five Pages or Five Paragraphs long of the contestant in their chosen category.
Graphic: Only one picture of a Visible sketch to full color piece of the same thing. No picture series or sequences. If you want to submit extras or side works that's acceptable but they won't be counted for judging.

Update 7/16: For both entries the contestant must do one training routine. For contestants who go to artists and commission pics for the contest the following procedures need to apply:

1. The commissioned artist must know about the contest in order to make the entry for the entrant and still has to be one training pic and one training pic only.

2. Cannot have previously made pictures submitted into the entry gallery. It's pretty lazy and cheating for the artist whose doing this for you. I had to remove entries already like this in Maidens 2011.

How to enter

For DA Members: Submit artwork into your own gallery and afterwards add to a group. Choose "TwinStudios" and then add to "Maidens 2011".

For Non-DA Members: Send artwork to twinstudios(at) with "MoM 2011" on the subject line, there will be a filter added to this and any entry that doesn't have this on the subject line will not be accepted. No Exceptions!

This journal will be updated with new information as it follows. For now, the contest is officially open to new entries and will close on Friday September 16 where there will follow a judging session in which a contestant will win. We are still open to entries so keep them coming.

Other News and Revisions

Hello and I wanted to first say that the first entries to MoM are in and have been settled into their official folders to be counted in and to let everyone know that I have extended the deadline of "Maiden in Training" all the way to Friday September 16 of this year that way there will be more time for more entrants to come in when time isn't on their side. Iron Sledge's original schedule will still be the same and the same rules apply.

For MoM
The basic idea is to submit one AND ONLY one official entry of your contestant doing one training session of any kind, regardless of muscle group, method or style. Just show your contestant working out in an environment that is suitable for them.

So far the judgment will be based on three things: Method, Effectiveness and Effort

For Iron Sledge
Enter one entry of said contestant in any standard bodybuilding pose.

Details for both competitions will come and I pro is that It will be more comprehensive which has been the main problem since I started this whole rolling out the rules thing. Well that's all I got plus I moved some of the stuffed images that were clogging up the Iron Sledge folder into a new place :iconsiegfried129:, :iconb9tribeca: and :iconinflamusgrow: welcome to the house artists, and I'll deal with the rest soon.

I'm already aware about the passing of a dear friend in the community :iconvince3: my condolences go out to him and his family and he'll really be missed as for the issue of his gallery here, in response, Lin and Co, the gallery on here will be locked to keep all of the items inside as a permanent feature here.

Update: September 7th.

I'm calling for two much judges to overview some of the entries that came in so far. It's a low turnout but I do got news from other artists who are participating in the event. If anyone's interested please reply to this journal.

Current Judge: :iconk-a-y-dee6678:

Current Updates and New Rule

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2011, 10:39 AM
Well not much has been going on with the group except for the recent additions to the galleries so thanks to everyone who keeps adding their stuff. The next item of business is that due to very slow development. the Iron Sledge competition will have to be pushed back into the fall of 2011 and concentrate more on this years Might of Maidens since it's more developed and simpler since there's no location set and the theme is simply "Maiden in Training".

I'll be working on more with the group and see about the content that enters into the site. Remember what I stated that any type of artwork is welcomed into the group so as long that it follows DA submission guidelines. Well I'm setting up a new rule on the basis that while nudity and non-erect males or herms are allowed. What might cause trouble or is too extreme will be removed without notice.

Setting The Gallery Rules (Update 3/19)

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 23, 2011, 6:51 PM
First off, I want to welcome in new members...

:iconhuann: :iconangsthewicked: :iconhopeywolf: :iconlionheartcartoon: :iconredsilverartist: :iconradavast: :icondedoarts:

But this is seriously important that you remember that there are a few guidelines that people seem to miss in reading the rules on the right of the page.

1. This group despite having a lot of female muscle art and muscle art in general, we welcome all other forms of artwork as well including comics, story series, specials that you want to make exclusive, etc.

2. Only CONTRIBUTORS can post images into the gallery spaces and make their own announcements to blogs while MEMBERS only can submit favorites, and make blog entries not put pictures into the gallery spaces.

3. If you want to submit your own work into the gallery and not favorites you got to apply to be CONTRIBUTOR. I locked out access to the galleries for new members from preventing further mix ups. As for the three new members I have already sent out promotion invites to change their roles if they want to continue adding more stuff here.

To Recap:
-Can submit to their own galleries from their own personal gallery pages in the Gallery space. *update* it's three per day now.
-Can submit their own blog entries without subject of approval.

-Can submit ONLY to favorites not to the gallery.
-Blog entries are subject to review and approval.

I'll still be working on the roles later on but this is what I got for now.

I guess that takes care of that.

And a reminder, Iron Sledge is still running and have until April 14 to get your entries in.

Update Added two new contributors into the mix and the group info section will be redefined.

Update 3/19/11 Due to a unexpected surge of new pictures flooding into the group, The member privilege to submitting to the galleries especially to "featured" and "Iron Sledge" but except for favorites are now cut off. And the global submission limit to all contributor entries is now only three per day.

Update 3/23/11 Everybody welcome :icondedoarts: to the mix!

Gallery Update

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 7, 2011, 9:21 PM
Just to let everyone know, the Gallery has been sorted and all pictures have been moved from the Featured folder to their respective user folders. A few more folders have been added as well to accomodate those who didn't previously have one yet.

Let's get some entries into the Iron Sledge competition. Surely there are a few people who have a solid muscled strong male OC they would like to enter. There's still time, so feel free to enter.…

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